Monday, 4 September 2017


today i have had a good day i really had fun playing busted with my friends and had fun at morning tea i also play busted at morning tea and instead of math we did drawing out side we did drawing instead because there was a power cut.

the end

Monday, 21 August 2017

about our nanna and poppa

my monster

My monster tuxedo zombie
The tuxedo zombie just a normal zombie noooo he is packupunged with 5000 volts of energy he absorbs all types of electricity and turns it into energy orbs and shoots them .He has a shredded shirt ,burns,fresh wounds and all that rotten skin his shoes are ripped and a little bit frozen on his neck there is a big stich because his head got detached from his body he has a stitch through his eye his skin is pealing of him and you can see his bone he's got he got holes he fell into a bunch of roses and got thorns in his head.FOOD DIET.human meat he chew it like we would chew steak he eats human burger with blood sauce he eats it like we eat mcdonalds burgers human sour chewy balls he eats them like i eat sour smog balls(if you eat them how we eat sour smog balls)human brains he eats them very messy.FRIENDS AND ENEMIES.his friends are Jeff the zombie Kat the zombie and his cat that is zombie.his enemies living people .Except his living family.he communicates with his zombie friends by just using the pay phone communicates nmk with family by walking up to them in the house because he lives with his family.The end
this is my monster photo link

Friday, 11 August 2017

Crime Scene

Rimu 2017: Crime Scene: Watch Bella-Marie, Kaydence, Halo and Amie in another entertaining detective video. Some wonderful acting on display. what would you do if you had a crime scene like this comment down below

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

the haunted shed

A long time ago in 1945 there once lived 6 girls in a small town called hasting they all went to the same school called parkvale there names were me halo,Karamea,lauryn,rain piper,and Maia we all were suspicious about a house that was next to our school we wanted to know more.So we went there every day and we found some very strange things happened to us ill tell you some i got chased by a big black shadow. Karamea saw some red eyes stare at her .maia triped when we were running away from a killer clown.piper almost got caught by a black shadow.Lauryn almost got caught.rain got caught but escaped.a hole lot of other stuff happed. There was a ball there and my friends were going to go get the ball i did not jump the fence nether did Maia.but piper,karamea,lauryn,and rain jump the fence.piper went the farest but it was really scary.before they jump the fence they got some scraches but Maia got some scraches and she did not jump the fence when Karamea got back to class there was a bump on her chest.Atfter school one day Piper was watching the clowns playing in the leafs thay went run dont run run dont run run dont run piper ran to the office

                            the end 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


my group did really well with interdependence,collaboration.and imagining we all helped with the art and we

all helped with the rap we went really well i liked my group and i think the people in my group worked really

hard and i am happy that we used our lunch time to do it because we needed it to have a pratice