Thursday, 30 March 2017


camp was the greatest thing ever i got make cookies and eat them on the next day we got to play spotlight o also went to mount Bruce i got to see a white kiwi and i also got to see a brown kiwi with white feathers on it and it was awesome my dad also came to camp with me it was fun because dad played with me to it was so fun at camp

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

native bird

The kiwi is a native bird.It has long beak.It is fat.The fur is dark brown.The kiwi has sharp claws,scaly leg,and it is cute.The kiwi lives in the bush.the kiwi eats bugs,insects and worms.It sounds like a smoke alarm.Most of the kiwis are extinct and the others are endangered.some of them died by a poison trap.The poison trap is like a big yellow bin.The wood trap is when there is a mouse trap under a big block of wood.Threats to the kiwi dogs,ferrets,weasels and possums.